Fall and Winter Haul!

Hey guys! So I figured I should probably get around to posting about my fall haul before it stops being fall! I haven’t put everything that I’ve bought since the summer haul here, since that would make a really long blog post, so I just put my favourites. Enjoy!


All of my new clothes!

First up is this gorgeous pair of tribal patterned high waisted leggings from H&M. These are my first pair of high waisted pants, and I absolutely love them so much that I bought a second pair. They’re fairly thin leggings, which can get a bit cold in the wind, but I love how stretchy and long they are!


Next is this cute striped top from Garage. I like how I can wear this to business casual events or to parties, but is still comfy enough for more casual days.

IMG_8891 IMG_8891
Since I didn’t have any fall pullovers, when this lovely green one from H&M caught my eye I bought it immediately! It’s a bit scratchy, but looks super cute with jeans or the above leggings.

(Looks like my bed spread matches this skirt a little too well – oops!)
I actually just recently picked up this burgundy skirt from H&M, so I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, but I think it’ll be perfect to wear with tights to school, or even to wear for more formal Christmas parties (look at me, already thinking about what to wear for Christmas!). When I tried on the skirt on the store, I loved how it sat on my waist, and how it twirled when I spun!


These boots have been my go-to boots for the fall. I got them at Aldo, and they’ve almost replaced my converse as my everyday footwear. They’re super comfortable, and go with everything from jeans to tights to sweats.

Before I started my modeling class, I was told to bring heels to my first class, which was slightly problematic because I didn’t have any heels! So I went on a last minute shoe shopping trip, and came out with these lovely Madden Girl heels. I love the sparkly heels, and they’re not even that uncomfortable! I think that every girl should own a pair of simple black heels, and these are perfect!
Since I didn’t have any scarves, I was looking for a neutral but fun scarf that I could use to dress up my fall outfits, and this grey, starry scarf from Garage did just the trick! I seriously wear or bring this scarf whenever I go out because it’s so versatile and comfy!

Lastly is this huge, woolly scarf from Aldo. It’s another infinity scarf, and is perfect for those cold, windy days of winter!

Well, those are a few things that I’ve bought within the last few months! What do you guys think of my purchases? Do you own any similar items? Tell me in the comments!
XO Simytoe


2 responses to “Fall and Winter Haul!

  1. bedifferentbeunique

    i love all!

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